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Penang Teddyville Musuem

Penang Teddyville Musuem has over 500 teddy bears, of all sizes and from all over the world, to tell the stories of Penang personalities, cultue, heritage and history of teddy bear.

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Penang Teddyville Musuem

The Teddyville Museum, as the name suggests, is Malaysia’s first and largest collection of Teddy Bears from various nations and eras; as early as the 1900s. From one of the very first batches of teddy bears ever made, to miniature teddies and even human sized ones, there’s a teddy here for everyone.

Located in the ground floor of the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, TeddyVille Museum covers 9000 square feet of fun fluffy furry friends that’ll fascinate the whole family! Not only is it a museum which tells the tales behind the origins of the teddy bear; our displays also showcase and celebrate the rich cultural history of Penang. Visitors will have a completely immersive experience where they get to touch and feel the glorious moment when Sir Francis Light first set foot on the shores of Penang and walk across time all the way to the present day. 

The TeddyVille Museum is also the abode of Mini Penang, where miniature bears are dressed and placed in small sets that represent the many attractions that Penang has to offer. It is a cute and cuddly summary of the sights and experiences you should never miss upon a visit to our delightful island. 

The Penang Cultural Boardwalk is yet another feature of TeddyVille Museum that houses human sized teddy bears that are dressed in breathtaking details to exhibit cultural features of Penang. To further the complete story of Penang, we have added teddies that represent  iconic Penangites that have impacted the world in their own fields. These five feet tall tributes are our way of thanking them for glorifying Penang. You will meet the teddy counterparts of Tan Sri P.Ramlee, Dato’Jimmy Choo, Dato’ Nichole David, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and the likes of them. 

The TeddyVille Museum was founded under the principles of fun, education and cultural experience. In line with those core values, we provide the visitors with the opportunity to build their very own teddy.  Make them plump or slim, tall or short; you imagination is the only limit. At Teddyville Museum, you’re never too old to have your own teddy.


Opening Hours : 9am – 6pm
Address : 56, Jalan Low Yat, Puncak Ria, 11100 Batu Ferringhi
Contact No. : 016 – 550 5949
Entry Fee : Adult RM36, Student RM29, Children RM25
Website :