Short Story About Our Company

When you meet a good experienced driver guide, your vacation will definitely be perfect, happy, harmonious and memorable.

If you meet a bad inexperienced driver guide, your vacation will be completely ruined.

Most people who travel abroad for the first time would choose the cheapest, for example :
1. Choose the cheapest flight ticket. This is alright, no matter where the seat is, everyone is still in the same plane, equal safeness to everyone.

2. Choose the cheapest hotel. It is just a sleep during the night, as long as there is a place to bath and sleep, should be no problem at all. (This is especially true for young people)

3. Choose the cheapest restaurant. This is arguable, because travel abroad is to experience the life of the locals and try local foods. Food that are too cheap normally would cause health concerns …

4. Most importantly, van rental with driver service is the best option, especially when you are travelling in a group, with kids and the elderly. There is no need to save a few dollars, and confirm booking with a non-registered company. In return, your leisure travel become a ‘adventure’ trip. Besides, it is at utmost risk, when the irresponsible driver is sleepy while driving, and waste your time, money due to lack of experience in suggesting of good foods and attractions.

Hence, the company you are looking for should be a legal company. If something goes wrong, the government and the company will protect you. This is why Woguides Adventure Sdn Bhd is founded. Our mission is to help customers to travel effortlessly with a peace of mind and at affordable prices by connecting them to good experienced driver guide.

Our Mission

Make Travel "E.A.S.Y"

E - Efficient customer service
A - Affordable rates
S - Safety always come first
Y - You will book again!

Our Vision

No.1 Van Rental Service in Malaysia

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