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Penang Batik Painting Musuem

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Penang Batik Painting Musuem

This Musuem aims to tell the historical story of how this art form began in the 1950’s and its subsequent development by a good number of talented artists in Malaysia.

The story began with an artist living in Penang named Chuah Thean Teng (or Teng, Dato’). He was an established artist who was also familiar with the old traditional batik technique of using dye-resist process in making decorative motifs and designs on fabrics. Around the year 1950 he saw the possibility of combining his artistic talents with his batik making skills to create fine works of art. The idea was new. And although it appeared simple it look him several years of intensive experimentation before he succeeded.

The first historical Batik Painting Exhibition took place in Penang in the year 1955. This was followed by Singapore in 1956, and Kuala Lumpur in 1957, Those exhibition were highly acclaimed and captivated the imagination of the art circle. Thus a new form of art known as “Batik Painting” was born.

The story continues with many other Malaysian artists (included Singapore) taking up the challenge to embrace this new medium of art. New innovative techniques were evolved resulting in many rich and diversified styles of works being created.

There are about 70 Batik Paintings being presented in this Museum. They  begin with Teng’s early works done in the 1950’s up until the current period, Over 25 artist are represented. The include Khalil Ibrahim, Tay Mo-Leong (Dato’), Fatimah Chik, Toya, Koay Soo Kau, Cheong Soo Pieng, Seah Kim Joo etc.

A small number of artists in other countries also take up Batik Paintings. This Museum includeds a small section devoted to works by artists in China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Batik Painting has come a long way since its inception some 60 years ago. Many artists in Malaysia have dedicated themselves to the struggle of the establishment of this beautiful medium of art. This Museum is proud to present their works for viewing, and at the same time pays tribute to them for their highly significant contribution to art.



Opening hours : 10am – 5pm
Address : 19, Lebuh Armenian
Contact No. : 04 – 262 4800
Entry Fee : RM 5
Website :