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Penang is a vibrant state in Malaysia with a rich culture, diverse cuisine, and fascinating history. While the popular tourist destinations such as Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi attract many visitors, there are many hidden gems to discover beyond the usual route. Exploring these hidden gems can be a challenge, but with the right public transportation, it is possible to uncover Penang’s lesser-known but equally fascinating sights.

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Here are some public transport routes to explore Penang’s hidden gems:

Rapid Penang Bus

Rapid Penang Bus is a popular public transportation option in Penang, offering several routes that cover most parts of the state. While most tourists opt for the popular routes, such as those that connect Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi, there are several lesser-known routes that lead to hidden gems.

One such route is the 301 bus that runs from Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau. This route takes you through the lush countryside of Penang, passing by quaint villages and picturesque rice paddies. You can also hop off the bus to explore some of the hidden gems along the way, such as the Balik Pulau Art and Cultural Centre or the Sungai Pinang Kechil Floating Mosque.

Penang Hill Funicular Train

The Penang Hill Funicular Train is a unique mode of transportation that takes you up to the top of Penang Hill, providing breathtaking views of the island. While the train is a popular tourist attraction, it also provides access to some of Penang’s hidden gems.

At the top of Penang Hill, you can explore the lush forests and hiking trails that lead to hidden waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints. You can also visit the Penang Hill Hindu Temple or the Bellevue Hotel, a colonial-era building that offers stunning views of the island.

Penang Ferry

The Penang Ferry is a historic mode of transportation that connects Georgetown to Butterworth on the mainland. While most tourists take the ferry to visit the mainland, it is also a great way to explore some of the hidden gems on Penang Island.

One such hidden gem is the Pulau Aman, a small island off the coast of Penang that is accessible by ferry. Pulau Aman is a peaceful oasis with pristine beaches, lush forests, and traditional fishing villages. You can explore the island on foot or by bicycle, and sample some of the delicious seafood that the island is known for.


Trishaws are a traditional mode of transportation in Penang, and they offer a unique way to explore the state’s hidden gems. While trishaws are popular in Georgetown, they are also available in other parts of the state, such as Balik Pulau.

You can take a trishaw ride through the charming streets of Balik Pulau, stopping at hidden gems such as the Balik Pulau Art and Cultural Centre or the Balik Pulau Food Court, where you can sample some of Penang’s lesser-known but equally delicious street food.


Penang is a state full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. While popular tourist destinations such as Georgetown and Batu Ferringhi attract many visitors, there are several lesser-known attractions that are equally fascinating. By taking public transportation such as the Rapid Penang Bus, Penang Hill Funicular Train, Penang Ferry, penang car rental or trishaws, you can uncover Penang’s hidden gems and experience the state’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

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