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Penang Escape Theme Park

Penang Escape Theme Park reintroduces outdoor playground that reminisce your childhood past ye challenge your stamina to a certain limit in a contemporary setting that gives you the fun and energetic feel. This quirky fun destination was conceived and brought to Penang b a well-known international theme park designer who is a also a Penangite. His mission is to recreate his long-lost playground in this beautiful island.

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Penang Escape Theme Park

Penang Escape Theme Park is a family theme park with exciting and challenging activities that promote wellness in the great outdoors. It’s a place where no one is too old or too young to have fun!

Swing from tree to tree like a monkey, leap like Atan (the hero of the park), go ape on the rope walks, bounce down slopes on tubby racers, become a cave explorer, and even pan for treasure. It’s a world class tourism destination where you rub shoulders with everyone. And yet your experience will be unique.

Attractions :


Learn to climb like a pro and perfect your balancing skills on this challenging rope course. There are three levels for you to try and it’s suitable for monkeys of all ages as well as for team building.


Become as sticky footed as a gecko on this climbing tower. You choose your own path to the top, safe in the knowledge that there is an auto-belay system in case your geeko feet lose their grip!


Enjoy an exhilarating journey downhill on the back of this tubby tube. You can even link several tubby tubes together for more fun than any family should have!


Pan for treasure in this activity which takes you back to the early days of Malaysia’s mining history. You will need to bring out the secret prospector within you to find the gems and ‘gold’ hidden in sand, soil and streams.

And many more…please visit ESCAPE website for more information.


Opening Hours : 9am – 6pm
Address : 828, Jalan Teluk Bahang
Contact No. : 04 – 881 1106
Entry Fee : Adult RM136, Children RM90, Senior Citizen RM90
Website :
Youtube Video :