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Auto City Juru

Auto City Juru is a one-stop destination for food, entertainment and shopping. It host over 30 restaurant serving both local and international cuisines. Also, consists of entertainment outlets with unique concepts and live music. Shopping here is an experience that allows you to blend with nature as Auto City adopts an eco-tourism approach.

Auto City Juru

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The name “AUTO-CITY” is a registered trademark which is owned by Golden Highway Auto-City Sdn. Bhd. (GHAC). GHAC granted permission for the development on the said lands to use the trademark “AUTO-CITY”.

Today, AUTO-CITY is endorsed as a tourist destination by the Penang State Government and it has become a landmark as a 1-Stop for Auto, Food, Entertainment, Banking, Shopping, and Outdoor events/celebrations.

Selection of 30 Auto brands; 3S centres with big showrooms, genuine spare parts, serviced by specialists and/or trained technicians with up-to-date equipments and tools.

Selection of more than 30 F & B and Entertainment outlets; offering international & local cuisines, different unique concepts and specially designed decorations.

Many International & Local banks and Money Changer; Ample car parks; Security

Concerts; Promo-Tours; Local & International Artistes; Road shows; Carnivals; Fairs; Exhibitions; Countdowns; Motorsports; Festival Celebrations & Fiestas; Tourism Events.

Shopping in the park (or known as SHOP-IN d’PARK) and enjoy strolling through the nightly lighted park, beautiful landscapes and gardens, water features and river; Selection of Fashion Boutiques, Factory Outlets and Fashion Market. Open daily from 5pm to mid night.

AUTO-CITY is strategically located at the North-South Highway Juru Interchange. If you are travelling along the North-South Highway from KL to Penang, you will exit from the last Juru Toll. AUTO-CITY is located 1KM from the Juru Toll and 5.5KM from the Penang Bridge.

AUTO-CITY serves a population of 1,000,000 within 20 minutes drive.

It is well patronized by business and working people during the day. When the sun sets, AUTO-CITY becomes alive with people from all walks of life; may they be families and children, teens, youths, business people. couples and the elders. The night environment is so conducive for dining, entertaining, chit-chatting, strolling, shopping; it is filled with beautiful lightings, cool breeze, music, love and romance.

The development of AUTO-CITY today was realized as the result of the strong support from various industries, namely the Auto, Food, Entertainment & Music, Banking and Retailing as well as the Government and the local authorities. Many have participated and contributed in the making of AUTO-CITY to serve the people like you. We are happy that the people have embraced AUTO-CITY as part of their lifestyle and livelihood and this gives us the motivation and purpose to continue to explore new ideals to enhance the development of AUTO-CITY to serve you better.


Opening Hours : 24 hours
Address : 1688, Jalan Perusahaan, Highway Auto-city
Entry Fee : Free
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